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ZYN Rewards – How to Participate & Redeem Points

ZYN Rewards is your chance to earn rewards for every can of ZYN you enjoy. Scan the QR code on the back of your can, collect points, and claim your rewards.

Zyn Rewards program

Are you a consumer of smoke-free, spit-free, and hands-free Zyn Nicotine Pouches, and don’t know about the Zyn Rewards Program? In this guide, we will discuss some interesting facts about Zyn and the Zyn Rewards program.

Zyn Rewards is a program, in which you can collect points and redeem them for Sponsor-Selected Merchandise Products by purchasing specially marked ZYN Products labeled with a unique printed code behind the Products.

Zyn Rewards Program Period:

The program begins on 12 October 2022 and there is no end date yet. This program will continue until the Sponsor of Zyn Determine and will be disclosed 120 days prior to the end date.

Zyn Eligibility:

Only 21-year-old residents and consumers of given states are welcome to participate in the program.

  1. 50 United States
  2. District of Columbia
  3. An employee of Swedish Match North America LLC
  4. Other Zyn Sponsored Family

How to Redeem Zyn Rewards:

“ZYN is only for adults 21+ who currently use tobacco or nicotine. We take the issue of underage usage extremely seriously, which is why we require all new visitors to go through a strict age verification process before entering our website. Please verify your age by logging into your account or registering now.”

  1. Purchase the specially marked Zyn products
  2. Scan the QR Code or enter the Alphanumeric code behind the pouches/Cane at https://us.zyn.com/ZYNRewards/
  3. Complete the registration process if you are not already logged in. After logging in, the participant will collect 15 points against each purchased item code.
  4. A maximum of 60 codes per account can be entered per month.
  5. Available items and required points to get each item will be outlined in the Zyn Reward Section.
  6. Select the Sponsored Selected Merchandise items and check if you have enough points to redeem that gift.
  7. There are limited-edition ZYN apparel and other reward items available and it takes up to 4 to 6 weeks of delivery.
  8. A participant can get items of retail value of $600 in a calendar year by redeeming points.
  9. Points in the account will be removed if you unable to enter any codes in reward program for at least six months.
  10. Points have not cash value.

Points Sharing and Purchasing

You can not purchase points, you can only earn them by scanning the QR code. As long as sharing of points and redeeming concern, you can not share. As each account is registered under one name and each code can only be redeemed one time.

Your points will only expire if you go 6 months without redeeming any codes.

How Many Rewards you can Claim?

There are limited editions of ZYN apparel and rewards by sponsors. There is no limits to claim awards. As long as you have points in your Account, you can redeem and get ZYN rewards.

Zyn Rewards List

There are countless Reward list. List changed frequently depending upon sponsors. List items quantity and redeem point also changed.

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